Three Completed Projects!

Never before in the History of Jenny have three projects been completed within a week of each other! It truly is coincidence that the completion dates ended up so close, as I started Saw Tooth Star in Nov, Daisy Vest in Feb and the SAQA Challenge Quilt this month. It is a rush to actually complete anything, let alone three projects so close together-I’m on a high for the moment! Each year Studio Art Quilt Associates holds their major fundraiser, an on-line Benefit Auction. SAQA asks its members to create and donate quilt art that is one square foot. The auction begins in Sept and this will be the second piece I have donated. My inspiration was the Lily-of-the-Valley piece that I already completed and blogged about here, here, and here. This time I scaled it down to 12″x12″ and made a few design changes. I added a few beads around the border at the last minute and I’m happy with the added detail. I forgot to take photos of the back-dang.

As I worked this piece it took me back once again to being crouched in a flower bed of Lily-of-the-Valleys and ferns, surrounded by that bucolic mix of the smell of the moist earth and the heady fragrance of the lilies and the ferns. It is a sweet memory. I am embarrassed to write that I had to rush ship it to make the deadline. I always worry a bit about the safety of my quilts in transit and this time I came up with what I think is a good idea. I wrapped it tightly in “Press n Seal” before inserting it into the envelope-I think that will give it an extra measure of protection. I’ve chronicled the progress of Saw Tooth Star here, here, here, here and here. I had a lot of problems with the thread that were self-inflicted. This was supposed to be simple, a quick romp and problem free-it was none of those things but still I am pretty pleased with the final quilt. The piecing is far from perfect but I sure had fun doing feathers all over it! The border was fun and I am really happy with my choice of YLI Silk Sparkle thread-just enough to glimmer but not gaudy. It’s a bold move to put a contrasting thread in your bobbin, especially when the back reads solid-the stitches really show up. I bought the thread several years ago-it’s Clover silk with a label entirely in Japanese. It is the most luscious silk I have ever worked with-the spool was $35! I’m guessing it is 50 weight. I know, I know, and I put THAT in the bobbin! But I love backs like this! The sheen of this silk in the bobbin-mmmmm! I finished my Daisy Vest and I’m pretty pleased with the outcome. Next time I will probably carve that racer back out a little more. This is one of the details that I especially like-the arm scythe. Look at the very center of the photo and you will see a daisy that is not connected. This is not a grievous error but I’ll bet when I launder the vest that that daisy will curl up. Note how there are fuzzy threads all over the cut outs. I have no intention of tidying them up as I like the kind of Bohemian feel they give to the vest.

I’m going to have to reward myself for completing all these projects. Think I’ll start on some garments I have been itching to make for months……


    • jennyklyon says

      Thanks Kris! I see it as a summer vest, to wear when it’s 110 outside and I want to wear a tank top but don’t want to be overexposed!

  1. says

    Lots of accomplishments so early in the year and lovely all. The back of your star quilt is divine and I bet you get tons of comments/compliments when you start wearing your vest.

  2. says

    daisy vest is very cool! and had to laugh about the rush shipping. i did that a couple of times with deadlines until i realized i just needed to start earlier! duh!!!

  3. says

    That vest is just amazing. I love it! The SAQA piece has so much to look at–I love the border. And now that the Sawtooth Star is finished…wow! Your quilting is so incredibly beautiful! Just luscious.

  4. Franki Kohler says

    Your work is beyond the pale! Love it! And three in one week. You are now official President of the Over Achiever Club!


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