Wearing My Work-Finally

Thursday was a cold, rainy, long-sleeved kind of day here in northern California. I started to head out the door to run errands and at the last minute popped on my Daisy Fill Vest to see if it would work with my jeans and t-shirt. It did! There surely are better choices for the layer underneath the vest, but I think this was a decent combo.I have this problem-truth be told, I don’t always end up actually wearing the clothes I make. I don’t always hit the target-I may not like them after they are made, they may not fit into my normal life, maybe the fit is a bit off, they may just be too fussy.My hope was that this vest would work into my daily life. This is the first time I’ve worn it so I’m really happy to see that it looks like it is going to play well with the other clothes in my wardrobe.

Geez, all I did today was go to the orthodontist for the zillionth time to fix my Invisaligns and stop at Hancock’s for some batting and I received 3 compliments on my vest! My head is big now…

However, “Daisy Fill Vest” needs a new name-that just sounds so clinical. Any suggestions? Just “Daisy Vest”?


  1. says

    How about Field of Daisies Vest? Just Daisy Vest will work, of course, but the vest is so unique and wonderful that it seems like it should have a grand title! Are you going to write an article about it? Should make a great story…

  2. says

    I love it.It looks beautiful and you look wonderful in it. I’m so happy for you that you’re wearing your work. Maybe you should just make more vests because they fit in your day-to-day life.

    • jennyklyon says

      Thanks! Never been a “vest person” much, but I like the racer back on this one and I probably will make it up again.

  3. Marcia Russell says

    I love this vest! It really looks great and will go nicely with the fabric we were trying to match up with patterns at the last garment group meeting.

  4. says

    I also like Field of Daisies. My other choice would be “Untitled.” :-) How does it look with a shirt in the contrasting thread color? Would it wash out the vest too much? Love the racer back, too!

  5. jennyklyon says

    Oh it would definitely look better with a contrasting shirt underneath-it was just a last minute decision to add the vest. I think it is indeed a “Field of Daisies”!

  6. jennyklyon says

    Thanks! Daisy days…used to dot my i’s in 7th and 8th grade with daisies-forgot all about that until you wrote “daisy days”!

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