Come See My Work at Blue Line Gallery!

Tonite is the opening reception (7-9PM) for the “Masterpiece Medley Membership Show” at the Blue Line Gallery in Roseville, Ca. I’ll be there! There are over 100 works in varied mediums by Blue Line artists from all over the Sacramento Valley.  There will also be works by fellow Studio Art Quilt Associates  members Priscilla Read , Pam Berry and Sandra Wagner. My piece “Emerge II” will be on display. I wanted to rework and refresh my original “Emerge” that I wrote about here. I used Misty Fuse on the border this time, which created a much better lay of the fabric and highlighted my stitching better. At first glance it may look quite similar to the original “Emerge”, but a closer look will reveal more use of perspective, better flow of pattern and a beautiful lay of the sheer border.

I got a sneak peek at the show and it’s great! I only had literally 3 minutes to peek at the show but there is some spectacular work in various media. Come by and see me-you’ll love the show!


  1. says

    This is beautiful, Jenny! I wish I could go to the show and see this in person. The border looks fascinating, and I love how you did your feather. But it’s a VERY long drive from North Carolina to California! ;-) Enjoy the show tonight!

    • jennyklyon says

      Thank you Rebecca. Funny, cause I would like to drive to NC to see some of the workthere I admire-really!

      • says

        I am in NC as well! Congratulations on your show, I know it will be a resounding success!
        I love this piece, the detail is amazing.

    • jennyklyon says

      Thanks Roxane! I constructed it by first fusing 2 layers of the poly sheer together with Misty Fuse. Then I layed the quilt sandwich on top, satin stitched around it and cut off the excess. I FMQd the border with bubbles, then trimmed the poly sheer at the edge of the bubbles. I love sheers-can you tell?

    • jennyklyon says

      Oh, and the gradation is from commercially made fabric-not sure who the maker is but it’s a sateen and comes in a variety of ombre shades.

  2. says

    Love the way you’ve combined the feathers with the other free motion designs in the piece. Hope the opening and the exhibition are a great success for you and the community.

  3. jennyklyon says

    Thank you! I’m leaving shortly to go to the opening and I’m excited to see what everyone has done.

  4. says

    beautiful, Jenny. I feel like I’m really seeing a strong point of view and artistic presence in this piece. It’s quite lovely, with the stitching and the fabric coloring working in such harmony.

    • jennyklyon says

      Thank you-enjoyed chatting with you at the opening. “Rainy City” is a great piece and showed well at the show!

  5. jennyklyon says

    Oh Connie I’m not sure you need any quilting instruction! I will be teaching at Angel Qlts in Lincoln on Aug 4 and Sept 7 at Shared Stitches. I keep my calendar up on my site so you can check there also. Saw your fabulous ensemble at State Fair-gorgeous! Love to see your new work.

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