IQF-Long Beach-I’m Still Vibrating!

I’m giddy, almost vibrating from last week! I just got back from International Quilt Festival-Long Beach and it was a blast. I met all kinds of fascinating quilters, saw some amazing quilts, enjoyed the balmy beauty of Long Beach and had a spectacular time presenting at the Saturday Night Sampler.

The Saturday Night Sampler where I presented was so much fun! There were 15 presenters, each with a unique subject. Participants could freely roam the room and listen to the presenter of most interest to them. My talk was on “Fast Fixes 4 Free Motion Frustrations” and I covered the most vexing and common problems free motion quilters encounter. There was great enthusiasm and interest in my presentation so I was thrilled! I hope I have the opportunity to present again next year-I love IQF-Long Beach!

I have too many photos for one post so I’ll split this in two. IQF-Long Beach is an exhibit, not a competition, so in a way it’s kind of a “best-of-the-best” type of show. There were over 500 quilts and 250 vendors-nice ratio, huh? I was actually rather restrained on my purchases but I’m excited to play with all the treasures I brought home.

Let’s start with some quilts!Susan E. Carlson (Maine) created Dixie Dingo Dreaming, a collaged piece based on a photo of her mixed breed “Pippen” who sounds very spoiled and well loved! This detail shows her skilled use of commercial fabrics-amazing! This was displayed in the “Festival of Art: Good For You” section. Jo Dixey of New Zealand created “Kiss” which also was displayed in the “Festival of Art: Good For You” section-there for obvious reasons! I love this piece! The little explosions on the person on the left side are hand embroidered-lovely and charming piece. There were many Hoffman Challenge pieces but none as cute as “Kiku” by Heather Miles (Michigan). The “Celebrate Spring!” area included this fascinating piece: “Passion Flower” by Mary Ann Vaca-Lambert (Texas). Isn’t this fabulous?“Portraits of Flora” by Timna Tarr (Massachusetts) was almost always surrounded by onlookers. The detail was beautiful and the whole piece elicited a smile! This was part of the “In Full Bloom:Floral Quilts in Memory of Helen Pearce O’Bryant” area. Roxane Lessa’s (North Carolina) “Crepe Myrtles 1-Summer” was also in the Floral Quilts section. I have some Crepe Myrtles in my yard also and I love the bark almost as much as the flower. Roxane did a great job of capturing the look and feel of the bark.One of the most fun things about quilt shows is the people. I met Alma when I sat down to rest and remarked “Quilt shows are hard work!” Alma and I then engaged in a 30 minute conversation about life, quilts and everything else. Alma began quilting at 66 and she’s 80! She just bought a Bernina 830 and she’s gonna have some fun with that! She proudly displayed her jacket with the “African Queen” block. She was  a hoot! Lucky Mom I am! Son #2 lives in Huntington Beach, close to Long Beach so DH and I were able to meet him and his sweetie for dinner. Crappy photo I know, but it was such a wonderful evening of catching up with them.

I’ll be posting again about Long Beach very soon-stay tuned!


    • jennyklyon says

      It is so cool to see these quilts in person and ponder their design choices, examine their technique, etc!

  1. Carol Dufur says

    It is fun that you give us your birds eye view as well as the people you enjoyed. I can relate to Alma; starting late can actually give you so much fun to look forward to. What a good looking son and his girl.

    • jennyklyon says

      I enjoy the whole experience of the big shows-the people, quilts and vendors. I’m glad you’re quilting Carol-what would you be doing if not quilting??

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing Jenny…I get to live the experience through you! Alma looks like a wonderful person…love her jacket! And how fun for you to be able to have family time too!

    • jennyklyon says

      Wish you could have been there! I do love your piece: the Crepes were in full bloom the day my son was born in Houston, Tx and they always remind me of that day. I have probably 8 in my yard-the bark is so cool and I love the way you caught the beauty of the bark.

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