Gauzy Summer Vest

I recently had the briefest of moments to sew up a quick summer vest. I really miss garment sewing but I don’t have much time for it these days, so this floaty vest out of some fabulous fabric was a sure bet. It’s a perfect cover up, even when it’s 104 outside-like today!

I pretty much knew that this super simple pattern-Butterick 4989-would work up quickly, without much hassle. I did take a moment to check that the shoulders were a proper fit for me, and of course I shortened it a bit, but beyond that, there were no fit issues.

I purchased the fabric 2 years ago from Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara. It’s a Liberty of London cotton. This fabric was a dream to work with-tightly woven yet very drapey and semi-sheer with those fabulous colors!
What you can’t tell from the photos is how it floats when you walk-divine! And it is sheer-I love how the folds fall, going from sheer to more opaque and back again. I pretty much always sew with my “Super Light” now which magnifies big time and provides tons of great, non-glare light. It was a great help on this project.I worked a narrow rolled hem on this and I’ll be posting a tutorial on how to do it. I learned this method from Susan Khaljie and it is super simple. Dang, isn’t that just the perfect narrow rolled hem? (I do see a little tension issue there).I also usually use a “leader” to start my seams. You start on the “leader” and then just sew right onto the seam you are working. It keeps those nasty bird’s nests that plague the back of your work on the leader, not your garment! On this thin fabric, using a leader was a must.Stay tuned for the tutorial on the narrow rolled hem. It’s a great way to hem sheer or thin fabrics or curved edges. And you don’t have to used that stupid “Rolled Hem” foot that never ever works (for me at least).

I just had to include this photo-shameless show off that I am. Just got those nails done and they won’t look that way for long!!


    • jennyklyon says

      Aw, try it! I like Vogue and if I go with Vogue, I go almost exclusively to the “Very Easy, Very Vogue” section. You do have to get fit down before you construct-that is not the fun part for me. Oh, if I could just have like 10 patterns that were already fit to me and I could just simply sew them up-heaven!

  1. jennyklyon says

    Ooooo-hand dyed cotton lawn-you HAVE to make a garment out of that! What else would there be-probably not a quilt or a handbag or something like that. Sounds yummy!

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