Gold Bug Quilt Show

The fall quilt show season has begun-yeah! The Gold Bug Quilters show was last weekend and I got a chance to enjoy the quilts.

Paula Beck did a demo on Sharpie Scarves-they are so cool! I had never heard of this before but after some brief research I realized that it’s been around for a few years. Why was I not notified?It’s really the simplest thing. You start out with a silk scarf blank. Iron it down to some freezer paper to keep it steady.Doodle on it with Sharpies.Spray it with 70% alcohol straight out of the bottle.Let it sit for awhile-maybe add some salt or hold it up and let the colors blend or clip it…there are all kinds of possibilities.Paula invited someone from the audience to do a scarf and this motif worked up in 3 minutes.Here it’s almost dry. In the first photo above, Paula let the vibrant colors really run into each other and blend. They blended to that lovely brown/gold/neutral with spots of color-gorgeous! Hmm-you could do yardage or t shirts…There was a good variety of art quilts in the show. I loved this piece, “Vertigo”, made and quilted by Audrey Keebler.“My Whimsical Garden” made by Robbie Rodgers quilted by Susan Krinks. The pattern is by Becky Goldsmith and Linda Jenkins. It just made me smile-the colors, motifs, quilting!The “Everyday Jacket” by Tammie Arwood was just so wearable and so fun! It has a sweatshirt base with several different denim fabrics added to it. The one in the lower right hand corner looks like something I would design!“Slide Show” made and quilted by Dixie Foote caught my eye. I’m slowly being drawn to the Modern Quilt Movement and I liked the crispness of the design and the way my eye traveled the quilt.“Home Tweet Home” made and quilted by Susan Krinks. This was one of maybe 8 (?) different panels, each with lots of detail that drew you in for a closer look. I especially enjoyed the quilting on this.

Either my camera or I was off because many of my photos were poor. Of course it had to be the camera… Below are several photos of delightful details-the photo of the whole quilt just didn’t make it!Detail-“Sunflowers Forever” made and quilted by Karen Cleveland. I love it when machine quilting is combined with embroidery-what a sweet detail!Detail-“Sashiko Shadow Box” made by Claudia Norman quilted by Susan Krinks. These blocks were embroidered by Claudia and then set into mitered boxes-there were 20 blocks. So by my count, Claudia mitered 80 corners. I am wondering if she has recovered…I lost the name and maker of this quilt-is this not a lovely little addition to the quilt?I know the maker’s photo is there but I lost her name. It was quilted by Carla Barrett and I love the way the feathers add to the beautifully embroidered design.Detail “Journey of a Quilter” made and quilted by Lynne Hanson. After all, isn’t this what it’s all about?? I hope you enjoyed this brief tour of the Gold Bug Quilters Show!


  1. krissazaki says

    I can’t seem to post directly on the blog right now, but I have to agree with you, “Vertigo” was a great rendition of the movie, which was the theme of this particular challenge. Kris

  2. Franki Kohler says

    I really like Slide Show! And from this distance, it looks like this modern quilter took care with technique — refreshing.

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