PIQF-I Ribboned!

I was astounded to learn that “Mom’s Lily Bed” won the Runner-Up ribbon for Best of Show at Pacific International Quilt Festival last weekend! I was over the moon! I still feel kind of shell shocked, in a good way.Can’t even believe this ribbon!I’m pretending to be normal but inside I am jumping up and down, screaming, skipping!There’s my quilt in the “Winner’s Circle”-who’d a thunk it?AND I EVEN WIN A SEWING MACHINE!My Daisy Vest also ribboned and received an Honorable Mention in the Vest, Jacket, Coat category!

Is this all for real or am I dreaming?

I will be having both professionally photographed when I get them back, but in the meantime I’ve included some additional photos of “Mom’s Lily Bed”. I used these in a previous post, but I know you’re not going to page back to it! It is exceptionally difficult to photograph a whole cloth quilt, so you have to bear with me.By the way, that beautiful fabric on the border is raw silk by Linda M Designs. I also used Radiance fabric by Robert Kaufman for the center, dupioni silk for the inset and binding and wool batting. I also used a variety of threads: metallic, rayon, cotton, silk as well as seed beads.

This photo of the back shows my sleeve-I like to use silk organza for the sleeve-strong but transparent so the stitching still shows.

I’ll probably have 2 posts about all the exceptional quilts and garments at PIQF in a few days, when I return to earth!


  1. says

    Jenny, this quilt is fabulous! I also took pictures when I saw it at PIQF. You are an absolute wonderful machine quilter. I know there are more ribbons coming your way. Congratulations!

  2. Valerie Bonkowski says

    Congratulations on your win! The judges got it right. Your quilt is amazing and your vest is absolutely wonderful.

  3. Cheryl says

    Thanks for sharing! Congratulations, you have a wonderful talent and I’m looking forward to taking a class from you in November!

  4. Marcia says

    So exciting for those of us “who knew you when.”

    Both of these pieces are unique, something not seen before and obviously caught the judges eyes. Bravo! Can’t wait to see what you create next.

  5. jennyklyon says

    Thanks Kelly-I am indeed in the clouds-been there for a few days and I’m sure I’ll be coming down to earth soon!

  6. Sylvia Earl says

    Jenny, whoever took the photo of you and Lily is to be commended, really shows the texture! Congratulations again on both ribbons!

  7. says

    Jenny, Congratulations – Again! – well deserved! I can tell that the Lily quilt is a ‘must see in person’ type of quilt. And thanks for the tip on the organza rod pocket!!! What a fantastic idea.

  8. jennyklyon says

    Thanks Diane! I will be getting it professionally photographed. As to the organza-as a garment maker I’ve always got tons of it laying around and I think it makes the best sleeve!

  9. jennyklyon says

    Great raw material to start with Linda! Your fabric made the quilt-I needed the feel of the moist, mossy, earthy ground and the nubby texture and “sun dappled” silk was just what I needed-thank you!

  10. says

    Fantastic! Well deserved prizes! I loved your quilt. I ran through so fast that I don’t think I saw the vest but that is extraordinary as well! Congratulations!


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