PIQF-Part 2

Continuing on with more wonderful quilts and art from PIQF:“Ice Storm”; Stacy Hurt. I did not see the story of this quilt but it certainly speaks on its own. I learn a lot from quilts like this: I love its beauty, its edited simplicity, the emotion and feeling that it evokes.“Color Study 1”; Donna Deaver. Donna is working in a color series using the umbrella as her subject matter. Here she used a split complimentary color palette. I find this absolutely charming!“Are You Linked To Your Dreams?”; Cynthia Catlin. Cynthia wrote about the power of our dreams and how they are a window to the soul. I found myself spending a lot of time admiring this piece both for its beauty and technical skill as well as the message.“Waldstuk”; Brigitte Kopp. Talk about texture! Bridgette is a German artist and there was no write up on this piece. I did look up “waldstuk” and found that it means “woodlands”. So let you imagination go on this one!I have no idea how she achieved all of this texture. I would guess she hand dyed her own fabric, but I could not tell what she stuffed these thingies with. I loved this piece.“Winter’s Veil”; Patt Blair. I forgot to read the card on this so I don’t have the story. I would love to have this piece for myself! Can you tell I like texture? This was so beautifully done and striking in its simplicity.Love!“Autumnal Equinox”; Mary Ann Boddum. Mary Ann used Thai silks in the center and Japanese cottons for the border. My photo does not show the beauty and sheen of the silk, but of all the quilts, this one is the one I would like most to be in my home. It just spoke to me. Of course I had to gather up and buy fabrics at the show so that I could try to make my own version! I do have lots and lots and lots of silk after all…“Long Journey To Deep Purple”; Nancy Arseneault. This is the best story of the whole show and boy can I relate! Here is my summary of her journey with this quilt, loosely but accurately taken from her comments:
“Drafted an original whole cloth-gratification. Scorched the top-dismay. Bled on the quilt top with markings that would not come out-disaster. Tried dying the quilt pale pink-improvement. Brighter pink-nightmare. Looked like graffiti-ruined. Nothing to lose-dyed deep purple-saved. Roller coaster ride and lesson learned-priceless!”

This is just like me!“Red Sunflower”; Susan Bianchi. Susan started with a photo her husband took and had a blast beading and buttoning the heck out of it.How much fun is this? I’ll bet this quilt weighs a ton. It made me smile every time I walked by it!

Hope you enjoyed your tour of PIQF-go yourself next year!


    • jennyklyon says

      Thank you for your comment Kathy-that link does seem to show the same thing, and what a great site! I just think that texture is soooo cool!

    • jennyklyon says

      That’s how I feel about going through my photos! There were so many fabulous quilts and some I did not include because my photos were so bad.

  1. says

    Oh my! I’m with quiltfever…can’t pick a favorite. Love the Color Study 1, Winter’s Veil, and Red Sunflower for sure! Love even more the story behind the wholecloth quilt…talk about lemonade from lemons!

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