Meet Jenny

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headshot (1)I use my domestic sewing machine to create art quilts and wearable art. I love to watch my machine stitches create line, texture and shadow as they merge on the surface of the fabric.

My work has been juried into the Houston International Quilt Festival, Pacific International Quilt Festival and AQS in Paducah. My work has also shown in several art galleries. I have been joyfully teaching the art of quilting since 2006.

I love teaching the art of quilting to others and seeing their joy in being able to quilt their own work. My classes are encouraging, supportive, and light-hearted.

I call myself the Quilt Skipper because once while quilting my own quilt, I was so delighted by the unexpected beauty of it and what emerged from my needle, that I found myself cheerfully skipping around the house when I took my breaks. It is my hope that each student finds their own “skipping moment.”

I have been working with fabric since I was a little girl trying to make my own clothes. I come from a long line of traditional bed quilt makers, but I didn’t take a formal class in quilting until 1983. I “re-entered” quilting in 1999 and that one class unleashed a need to create that has not stopped. I am grateful for the profound influence of a few key inspirational teachers along the way.

I live in Northern California with my oh-so-patient hubby and our Basset boy. Our two grown sons have left the nest to become men, leaving more room for books, fabric and notions.