Fearless Curves N Feathers

crop23CurvesNFeathers1If you have some experience with free motion quilting and would like to move on, then come join me and learn how to quilt Fearless Curves and Feathers.  I will provide an encouraging and supportive environment to learn these gorgeous motifs in. I’ll take you through these motifs step-by-step and take the fear out of the process, giving you confidence in your own creativity.

In the curves portion of the class, I will teach you how to quilt a beautiful filigree-type of motif that is elegant and easy to do.

In the feathers portion of this class, I will teach you how to quilt the beautiful, curvy, feminine feathers that you see on some of the finest quilts, without the use of stencils.  This is a fun class that will allow you to be able to quilt these beautiful motifs on your own quilts and garments.

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