Daisy Fill Vest

I need to finish my Saw Tooth Star but I got really excited about an idea I’ve had in my head for awhile. What would happen if I did a large-scale Daisy Fill all over a garment and then cut out the negative space in-between the daisies? I just had to pursue that!It is taking longer than I thought but I am really excited about what I am seeing. You know how that is, sometimes you are just so happy about what is coming out of your needle that you just jump up and down and skip around the house?The cutting of the negative space is fairly tedious and is taking a lot longer than I anticipated, but I love the lacy look it gives. I needed some serious weaponry to do this job and my Kai and Dovo scissors were just what I needed.And look at the undulating edges! I will go back in later and neaten things up on all my cuts.All that trimming made a mess of the floor by my machine. But hey, life’s too short to hit the trash can, even when it’s right there! It’s just easier to vacuum it up when I’m done anyway.

I have to admit I actually like the vest without the cut outs too. There’s a lot of work to those cut outs….hmm. I wanted a racer back look to the vest-next time I think I will carve out a more exaggerated racer back.

The photos do not show something wonderful about this vest: the fabric. I purchased it from one of the best fabric stores on the planet: Fine Fabrics of Santa Barbara. I need to call Susanne, the proprietor and ask her about the fabric content. It’s luscious: it has a beautiful sheen, a lovely drape and a wonderful silky feel. I don’t think it’s Tencel, I think it’s a blend of maybe bamboo and Egyptian cotton?

I free-motioned the Daisy Fill using Superior Rainbow thread on top and Superior MasterPiece in the bobbin-it will be reversible. I spent an hour getting the tension just right-there is no batting so the tension has to be dead-on perfect. I spray basted the two layers together and that created a stable base for my free-motion work-no stabilizer was needed. I just heard all you embroiderers gasp that I didn’t use a stabilizer!

I envision wearing this in the summer when I want to wear something a little bare underneath the vest (cause it gets 110 degrees here in the Sacramento area!) but I want to cover what ails me just a bit-a vest is perfect for that.

I can’t wait to finish this-I really am skipping around the house over this fun vest!


  1. says

    This is beautiful! And if the perfectionist you is skipping about it, I am positive that it truly is a perfect little vest. Planning another one already means you are on to something great, something that will give you a lot of enjoyment. Hooray!

  2. jennyklyon says

    I know what you mean Franki! I have been doing garments for the last 4 yrs or so after a 15 yr hiatus. It’s all about the fit and the older I get, the more “challenging” the fit.

  3. Carol Dufur says

    Jenny you are so inspiring. Your sewing skills, creativity and most of all your beautiful personality that makes everything you do bounce with wonder and joy. Thank you Jenny for being “YOU” and blessing us all. I look forward to taking your class.

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