Saving A Pillow With Sharpies

I recently found this silk pillow gem at Home Goods for a steal. I loved the artful print-it looks like it may even be a printed photo of an art piece-I’m not sure. The colors are fabulous and the pillow is very well made.

But once I got it home, the colors were way too bold for my Living Room-bummer. I had been playing around with some Radiance and my new Sharpies collection, and that made me wonder-could the Sharpies somehow be involved in resurrecting the pillow? The colors originally looked like this-loved it! By the way, I am not a pro at getting my camera to show the right color-it was not quite this bright.I decided that it was the purple that just didn’t fit into my decor, so I experimented with little dots of Sharpie to find the just right color. Of course the yellow silk affected any color you put upon it. I ended up using orange over the purple and it turned it muddy, perfect!I love the final result!Now it has found a place on a chair in my Living Room. Dang, guess I need to change the accessories around it. I really like the pop of color it adds though-just in time for the darker days of winter ahead.


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